LOCKA The Abaya Collection

Sassy, sleek and sophisticated are notably the defining features of LOCKA’s inimitable style. Pieces offered by the label are versatile wearable works of art. Perched on a nest of its own LOCKA’s trés chic and mod approach to clothes have led the label to the forefront of the local fashion rink.

LOCKA’s abaya Pleat Collection showcases tunics and dresses that instantly elevate your dailywear. The designs are ‘one-size fits all’ and the pieces are tailored to counter the humid Malaysian weather. As always, the fabrics employed are airy, breezy and cosy. LOCKA’s Pleats Collection focuses on, not only the aesthetics aspect of clothing, but also comfort, practicality and wearability.

Nature often serves as LOCKA’s inspiration and the Pleats Collection is of no exception. In coming up with the collection, we drew ideas from the sun, the dessert, the humid air and wild flowers. These elements are re-imagined and breathed into the designs, creating a modern interpretation of old school pleats.



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