Sassy, sleek and sophisticated are notably the defining features of Locka’s inimitable style. Pieces offered by the label are versatile wearable works of art. Perched on a nest of its own Locka’s trés chic and mod approach to clothes have led the label to the forefront of the local fashion rink.


For LOCKA Raya 2018, the concept is ‘less is more’ but, as always, each design has a touch of exclusivity and luxury. The main focus is on the fabric and tailoring. The designs are simple nonetheless effortlessly elegant.


Inspiration and ideas may pop up from any nook and corner. Shukri Shari, Creative Director of Locka, often gets inspired by just looking at the colours and playing with the flow of the material.


“For LOCKA Raya 2018, I just want clean, basic looks that minimise fuss and maximise comfort. I like practicality. I want women to look good and feel good in clothes that are not only breathtaking but also breathable and airy; clothes that are easy to move in.”
When Locka came up with out with their first Raya Collection, they did a lot of exploring and were experimental. The team have learned a lot in such a short span of time. They have grown and evolved so much since the first Raya collection.


Shukri Shari believes they are settled now. “We now have a look that is recognisably LOCKA, an identity.”


Check out Locka’s Raya collection here.

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