aere FAITH Collection

Faith often leads the way in what would otherwise be a scary situation. It is invisible and intangible, but it is ever present. Life is not meant to be easy. Fear and doubt may exist, but faith will lead the way.


Taking a leap of faith often means leaving behind something familiar and comfortable for the unknown. For Creative Director, Raja Nadia Sabrina, the decision to embark on aere started with leaving behind a career in the reputable legal field. A move that was not met with faith by many around her.


aere’s journey started with a deep sense of faith. It has led and guided the brand through uncertainties. It has taught them to be stronger than strong. It has shaped them to be fearless.


For aere’s fourth Eid collection, they are back with conviction. Knowing what the aere woman loves, the FAITH collection is a reflection of strength and perseverance in delivering what we believe in.


A variation of fabric adorns the pieces from the collection. From customized geometric prints, lace, tweed, sequins to houndstooth. A reflection of aere’s aesthetic and signature designs, the FAITH collection showcases aere’s unique quality of being versatile yet totally identifiable. The collection features more set pieces as well as pieces for #aereMEN and #aereKIDS line, perfect for a complete Eid look!


FAITH has brought us this far, and it will continue to guide us through our journey.


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