FZK by Fitri Zainal

FZK is known for their oriental style yet modern, effortless and wearable clothes. Very suitable for strong women, independent but also soft and feminine. The brand also tend to incorporate two different fashion aesthetics, mixing edgy and feminine, impudent and charming.

Blending in modern elegance with a traditional appeal, FZK by Fitri Zainal Raya 2018 Collection stays true to the classic Malay attire.

Inspired by the finesse of a traditional Malay attire, Fitri Zainal has added new life into these simple, feminine silhouettes with delicate combination of lace and plaids that are ladylike yet bold and vibrant at the same time.

“I want to add a fresh contemporary twist to traditional Raya outfits whilst keeping it trendy” said the well-known designer.

Overall, it is a collection designed with the free-spirited, independent and loving women in mind who embraces the beauty of modesty and traditions.

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