The wait is over! If you’ve guessed Anzalna Nasir as the Face of FV Raya, you are right. Besides her beauty and grace, she is perfect for our #TimeRayaJe campaign as she suits the whole concept of the quirky campaign. She could very well play the different characters of the overpacker, the last minute shopper to shop for baju Raya, the odd one out who loves the limelight; basically various scenarios that only occur #TimeRayaJe as the beauty has encountered these scenarios herself during Raya. Have you encountered any of these scenarios during Raya?


Anzalna Nasir is known for her versatility, and her bubbly and happy-go-lucky character perfectly fits the role of the Face of FV Raya as FashionValet is known for its quirkiness and ‘bubbliness’ as well.


She shared with the FV Team one of her most memorable #TimeRayaJe moment.


“The one #TimeRayaJe moment that I would always remember is; duit Raya! When I started working, I was quite excited to give duit Raya, I even prepared all the ‘ang pows’ a month beforehand. Hilariously, on the first day of Raya as I was on my way back to my dad’s hometown- all hyped up, that’s when I realized that I left those ‘ang pows’ at home! Oh well #TimeRayaJe.”


These Raya moments are unstoppable, funny and it becomes a memory you then carry forward to next year’s celebration. Whatever situation you find yourself in this time of year, roll with it because it only happens #TimeRayaJe. Stay tuned for more of Anzalna on our social media, newsletter and website to know more about her! And of course, more exclusive baju Raya launching very soon!



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