Introducing My Apparel Zoo’s first diffusion brand Zoo Basics. The affordable range offers effortless staple wear, focusing on minimal and timeless designs. Zoo Basics Raya Collection focuses on the small details, creating subtle pieces with an emphasis on comfort, quality and style.

We talked to Ellie Norman, Creative Director of Zoo Basics regarding their Raya collection.

“We wanted the collection to have traditional elements as well as creating shapes and folds into our pieces, but still keeping it versatile for our customers to be able to dress it up and down for any occasion. I got inspired by a few things to make sure that it was comfortable to be worn on the first day, but still feel elegant when you wear it.”

This year for Raya, Zoo Basics’ focused is more on evolving the fabrics used.

“Last year the fabric we used was cotton which gave a different fall to the collection but this year we wanted to make it more luxurious with an emphasis on our signature styles. So it still gives that minimal elegant look but having a more premium feel to the collection.”

Check out Zoo Basics Raya collection here!

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