NITA COSMETICS Warung Collection

NITA goes back to her kampung with a whole new collection of lipsticks! Celebrating all the beloved drinks you can find at your local warungs and kopitiams, the WARUNG Collection holds 5 beautiful shades of brown, pink, and nude for you to blend with your overall look! Go back to the roots with NITA Cosmetics!




Remember that refreshing feeling of your first bite into a chilled dessert? This blushingly plum shade of nude would totally remind you of all the ais kepals you’ve had growing up!





This rose nude shade of a lipstick will surely remind you of the frothy and sweet drink of the tarik! Wear it with the right matching dress-up and you’ll have people “tertarik” towards you!




It’s every Malaysian’s favourite beverage; be it chilled, hot, or by itself. Now you can wear the delicious cocoa nude shade on your lips and be everyone’s favourite!




We all remember the first time we’ve had the mixed drink of syrup and sweet milk. It was a day to remember! Now you can wear the sweet shade of blush nude on your lips and be sweet all day!


And coming soon in FashionValet;


There will be times when you really need to kick-up your day with a little coffee stirred with sweet milk. Those will be the same days when you’d want to wear the beautiful shade of chestnut nude lipstick!


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