Denim for Men #IPunNak

Step aside ladies, men would like to don in denims too sometimes. Here are a few of our top picks for denim items for the gents!
1) CMDI – Jean Jacket in Blue
A classic blue denim jacket is a basic must-have in everyone’s wardrobe! Its effortlessly cool and casual vibe are pretty much welcome anywhere.


2) Tarik Jeans – Premium Skinny Din Jeans in Indigo
Tarik Jeans have been the craze in recent times and for good reasons! This premium skinny din jeans in indigo is super comfy and stylish. Plus, you can never have too many jeans!


3) FIDAEKL – Kimono Jacket With Printed Lining in Jet Black
This is something you don’t see everyday! You can always dress up or dress down with this kimono inspired denim jacket. It’s a good wear for your everyday hustle and bustle.


4) Pestle & Mortar – Charcoal Denim Jacket in Black
Instead of wearing a regular denim jacket and working in the mines for years hoping to achieve that beautiful mined charcoal sheen on them – just get this!


Check out more of our denim for men selection here!

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