Founded by Vivy Yusof and the ever elusive D, The dUCk Group was born out of love for well-branded items. Unique in its presentation and packaging, the brand revolves around D- an urban chic, cool and stylish, fashion forward entrepreneur who enjoys a lil’ dash of luxury in life. Launched in 2014, The dUCk Group has since risen to popularity garnering international media attention, mile-long lines outside their store and even a royal collaboration! D and her team are constantly creating and expanding their four product categories- dUCk Scarves, dUCk Stationery, dUCk Home & Living and dUCk Cosmetics. It is the new cool for lifestyle accessory wear and living, offering a combination of scarf collections, colour cosmetics, stationeries as well and home and living accessories in exciting designs and living colours inspired by D.




Wearing a dUCk scarf has become synonymous with wearing a piece of luxury, and depending on how the wearer styles it, the little dUCk charm can be spotted adorned daintily with every movement the wearer makes.





Check out all of dUCk’s items here.


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