Launching her own fashion brand in 2014, Founder and Creative Director Raja Nadia Sabrina’s contemporary ready-to-wear label encompasses evening wear, casual wear, and work wear. The brand has even branched out to aereMEN and aereKIDS. Inspired by nature and its breathtaking hues, aere presents collections that are versatile and easy to mix and match. Everything Raja Nadia Sabrina does is always done with a touch of grace. Her personal refinement and how she sees beauty is translated in all her collections.


Raja Nadia Sabrina in aere’s MAREA Ruffle Top in Nude


aere at Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017


aere has been making waves since its launch in October 2014 and won the Best Womenswear collection award at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Show. The brand hit the international market when they showcased their designs at the Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017 last year.

Check out the all of aere’s timeless collections here.


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