New in FV: Hammer Away At by ANURUQ

The mixture of cultures often leads to a brand new experience. Hammer Away At by ANURUQ takes you back to the tragedy of the Sinking Maiden, which combined with the brand’s DNA has resulted in a collection that uses graphics and different colour tones to offer a wide range of clothing, perfect for the modern women. We had a chance to interview the esteemed Thai designer about the story behind Hammer Away At.
“‘Hammer Away At’ is a clothing brand born from my thesis work and my passion for using flowers to accentuate the beauty of women’s clothing.”
Each piece in this collection has intricate and distinctive details to it but overall, the brand’s concept is to tell an intriguing story, one that incorporate Thai’s unique culture and heritage. It’s about creating clothes that are different with its’ own identity and also elegant and enticing, that are best suited for urban women.
The collection was inspired by the Tragedy of the Sinking Maiden which took place during the reign of King Rama V.  It is one of Thailand’s most treasured stories, rich with aspects of love, tragedy and the initial tradition of boat parades, which reflects the importance of the Chaophraya River’s communities.

Anuruq Blazer in Print


Angel Blazer in Print

“I was inspired to create a collection of mostly black clothing decorated with designs that represent wealth and beauty of the time of the tale.”
When asked about his upcoming plans and goals  for the brand, the winner of AirAsia’s Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 shared his passion to just try everything really from experimenting new styles to opening a cafe!
“I want to try a variety of styles because I believe Hammer Away At should be able to cater to everyone; if you’re getting married, we’d like to design you a gown, if you’re going to a party, you should easily find a stunning dress from us.”
“I’d also like to open a café with food and drinks made from Thai flowers. We would like to exhibit our culture to the world and show how proud we are as Thais.”
Check out the rest of his collection here.


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