Uma Privee is an established Indonesian label and it provides something different for Malaysians who seek outfits that are sleek and demure. It’s a womenswear brand with limited editions and exclusive collections created in the heart of Indonesia!
The brand is focused on creating new classics with a unique blend of timeless elegance and sophisticated simplicity! All of their pieces are designed and produced in Indonesia by the best specialists and artisans in the field. They create an entirely unique and intricate designs with exquisite materials and precise attention to details.
Uma Privee was established in 2014 and have been growing and gaining headlines ever since. In just two years, Uma Privee successfully extended their market not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam. In 2016, FashionValet and Uma Privee collaborated for a special Raya collection and the brand participated in one of FashionValet’s pop-up event which helped boost their exposure.
We had a chance to talk to the Uma Privee team and discussed about their collections and top picks from the brand:
“Since day one, we aim to give the best quality to our customers, while incorporating both comfort and style into each piece and design.”
The team selected Black Moor Outer, Alana Cape Outer and Kania Top as customer’s favourites.

Black Moor Outerwear in Beige

Alana Cape Outerwear in Blue
Kania Top in Black

“Moor is our signature outer with handmade embroidery, Kania is very classy and timeless with eye catching details, and Alana Cape features a stylish chic and elegant look.”
Check out the rest of Uma Privee’s beautiful and elegant collection here.


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