POPLOOK Premium For FashionValet

Inspired by heritage and our colourful culture, the POPLOOK Premium For FashionValet collection was crafted to detail. This collection hits a lot of notes and evokes a chic demure vibe. Opting for a colour palette with an array of bold and muted hues along with embellishments and embroidery that cater to the fashionable modern woman.


From fabric choice to subtle design features, no detail is spared. And for POPOLOOK Premium For FashionValet, they always try to create something exciting and fresh in each of their pieces whilst having the FashionValet’s identity and customers in mind. The collaboration started in 2015 when earlier collections were smaller, and they have been growing exponentially through the years, with more cohesive collections and stronger central theme.


The latest POPLOOK Premium For FashionValet collection which was launched on the 11th of January is inspired by old European culture. Drawing elements from nature, the brand created a resort-inspired collection. We spoke to the Co-Founder of POPLOOK, Joanne Low and asked her about her top picks from the collection:


“I especially love the embroidered, knitted pieces in this collection. It’s the first time for POPLOOK to combine embroidery and knitwear. I find it creates a very feminine flare with interesting textures. Also, our prints this round are much more complex than what we have ever done before. Much time was spent creating the different motifs and perfecting the print placements.”






The brand is currently in the midst of working on the Raya 2018 collection for FashionValet. According to Joanne, expect abstract graphics with an old-worldly touch from the collection. We’re super excited for their upcoming Raya collection and we’re pretty sure you are too! In the meantime, check out POPLOOK Premium For FashionValet’s latest collection here.


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