OLLOUM: Brand Story and Fall 17 Collection

Rebranding itself from Love to Dress, Olloum aspires to be the mainstream brand who serves the urban Muslims with a wider range of categories to cater their lifestyle. From elegant dresses to sleek activewear and comfortable can’t-live-without lounge pieces, find the perfect outfit for any occasion here. We interviewed sisters and Creative Director of Olloum, Asma’ Nasaruddin and founder of Love To Dress, now Olloum, Sumayyah Nasaruddin and discussed their story and the future of the brand.


1) How would you describe the brand Olloum?


Asma’ Nasaruddin: Olloum is a brand that truly caters to the urban Muslim women. Our designs are distinctive in its tailored fit silhouette, sleek and modern aesthetic, and are very wearable pieces. We resonate with our customers not only through our products but via our marketing campaigns with the stories we share, that include real-life stories and humour. Through this, we have created a community of Olloum women that serve as our source of inspiration.


2) How has the brand evolved since it first began?


Asma’ Nasaruddin: The brand has evolved significantly in its design aesthetic and its aim to serve a wider target market. Today, we realise we are serving a bigger group of women as there are many kinds of urban Muslim women; the stylish young adult, working mothers, the more conservative women, and the practical and simple women. We are continuously doing research so we can cater to all these women. Our most recent new product category is our activewear, which we will keep improving on. Stay tuned for more new product categories which will launch this year.


3) As we all know, Olloum used to be Love To Dress. Why rebrand it and how has it been since Olloum became what it is now?


Sumayyah Nasaruddin: Fast forward to now after 5 years, Love to Dress is one of the leading brands for urban Muslims with sales, product categories and a team that is growing. So why then would we want to rebrand ourselves if things are working out? Because it took us 5 years to really understand who we are serving and how to build an Islamic brand that can accelerate. We have found our jam and we are ready to take off. This means we had to fix our brand image. From catering to a niche, we are gearing for mainstream via a diversity of urban Muslim women – We’ve decided to launch Olloum. Now, with Olloum, we have introduced new categories, such as Olloum ON, our activewear and denim jeans.


4) Tell us about the recent Fall ’17 collection and the inspiration behind it.


Asma’ NasaruddinFall ’17 was the first of its kind. It is the biggest collection we’ve launched, with designs from all product categories; workwear, lounge, casual and fancy. We understand that women are dressing for so many different occasions, and so we want to make sure we are there for them on any given occasion. The inspiration behind this collection is and always will be the women we are dressing. Fall ’17 was all about bringing back the past favourites, reinventing them with unique design detailing, and including new colours. Reinventing the classics was the theme for this collection.


5) What projects are you currently undertaking and what can we expect to see from Olloum in the future?


Sumayyah Nasaruddin: In the next 5 years, here are what you can expect from us. More product categories. More technology, not just to build integrated systems for top-notch company operations, but product development and most importantly, enhanced virtual customer experience. We are also looking to expand our brand reach to other regions such as the UK, United States and Australia. And whilst it seems as if Olloum is like Love to Dress on steroids, (LOL!), we also understand that building a global Islamic fashion brand takes passion, dedication and time. Wherever we go, we shall continue to invest in a community of passionate individuals that want nothing short of the best, Insha Allah.


 We would like to thank the Nasaruddin sisters for taking their time out of their busy schedule to answer our questions. Check out Olloum’s new Fall ’17 collection here.


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