SYEDFAIZALbeauty is a visionary collection designed by local renown makeup artist Syed Faizal Syed Noh. Fueled by his passion for beauty, Syed Faizal created his first line of lip and eye product called ‘BIBIR’ and ‘MATA’. His expertise in beauty allows you to explore endless possibilities in the glamorous world of makeup.

Syed Faizal is back with a new addition to his SYEDFAIZALbeauty’s collection, the #PIPIBYSYEDSKILLEREYES.

First introduced in June 2016, Syed Faizal’s eponymous beauty brand gained popularity  with its range of lip crème and eye shadows aptly named BIBIR andMATA. Driven by his passion for beauty and cosmetics, Syed Faizal set out to create his beauty brand that he hoped will allow makeup lovers to experiment and have fun with, creating their own  expressions of creativity in beauty. He believes that there are no rules in creating looks with makeup but all is needed is knowing the right techniques and having the right products and tools.

Syed Faizal has been actively involved in the Malaysian beauty industry for over 10 years, working in various makeup works from personal clients, workshops and TV and editorial work.  His work can be seen gracing the covers of magazines such as GLAM, EH!, InTrend Malaysia and on the faces of top celebrities such as Scha Al-Yahya, Nora Danish, Fara Fauzana, Izara Aishah  and many more.

#PIPIBYSYEDSKILLEREYES is an all over 3-in-1  essential cheek palette combining contour, blush and highlight for a fresh and glowing complexion. The multi-functional palette ensures fresh and  radiant makeup that lasts all day long.


Step  1  –  Contour in Caramel Ash Brown. With its pigmented texture, the contour blends instantly into the skin. Depending on what is needed, it can also be applied to the area of the eyes, nose and forehead for the perfect sculpting.

Step  2  –  Highlight for all skin tones in translucent finish. Apply the highlighter to areas of the face that catches the light i.e. cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. To boost glow, add dabs of light to the inner corner of the eyes or create a subtle shimmer on eyelids.

Step  3  -­  Blush in Pink and Coral. Conclude your complexion ritual by adding a touch of color to cheekbones and lips.

Check out #PIPIBYSYEDSKILLEREYES  and  the rest of SYEDFAIZALbeauty products here.


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