LARNEY Urban Glam Collection

Based in Kuala Lumpur, LARNEY is a fast fashion brand for urban chic and stylish women that delivers trendy designs with the finest materials that would be perfect for any occasion at an affordable price. The fresh brand, known for its’ versatility and traffic-stopping style, started just two years ago with their first collection of 20 pieces. They have come a long way and LARNEY became even more popular when they collaborated with FashionValet, and launched their major hit De Moda Wrap, which is still in high demand until now.

De Moda Wrap

Their newest collection, called Urban Glam was inspired from the 70s era at its’ most glamorous time while incorporating some modern street style concept into the designs. The Urban Glam collection is dedicated to women with a bold and fearless confidence while still looking fabulous and elegant.

Some of the fan favourites from the collection include Noir Bustier Vest, Maripossa Tulle Skirt and Belle Long Skirt.


Noir Bustier Vest
Maripossa Tulle Skirt
Belle Long Skirt

The up and still rising brand is currently in the midst of producing their first quarter of 2018 collections and the much anticipated LARNEY RAYA 2018 for FashionValet.

Check out the rest of their Urban Glam collection here.


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