SCHMILEY MO Busy Bee Collection

Who says you can’t be both modest and fun at the same time?

Indonesian brand, Schmiley Mo is defying the stereotype regarding modest wear.  The daily-wear brand injects fun and a bit of humor into each of its’ quirky pieces. Schmiley was taken from the word “smiley” which represents the ‘happy’ DNA of the brand, whereas Mo is short for modesty, because well, less is more!

Their recent collection, called the Busy Bee was inspired by busy females, either school girls or working ladies who are active and dynamic, hence a fusion of work and sporty attire but still feminine. Fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari who is also the brain behind Schmiley Mo picked the checkered blazer and the matching pants as her favourite pieces from the collection, as the pair has a charismatic charm to it. It makes such a strong statement look that shows the wearer that she is in control.
The Busy Bee collection serves as a form of empowerment for hardworking women who can still be diligent, fun and modest. Check out the rest of Schmiley Mo’s distinctive pieces here.

Schmiley Mo is currently in the midst of planning their collection for KLFW next year. Lookout for the unique brand as we’re sure they’re going to be making headlines with their cool and chic designs.


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