Brand Story: ROBOTTO

ROBOTTO is a freshly new brand for every man who opts for his personal style over fashion frenzies. Inspired by British fashion and our Asian energy, culture and roots. Old school robots that were the playtime essential during the 80s inspired the fun detail emblazoned on collection’s pieces. ROBOTTO is all about classics with a dose of bionic bravado.

The brand launched its’ first collection at the recent KLFW 2017 and the response has been positive. The Movember collection, launched not too long ago has been the craze where fathers and their kids wear super adorable matching ROBOTTO Dab t-shirts as below!



The inspiration behind the Movember collection is to raise awareness on men’s health. Men around the world face health crisis every single day but unfortunately, they don’t get as much coverage as they should. As there is not an official MOVEMBER Foundation here in Asia, the brand aspires to raise enough awareness to help champion this cause. Whilst trying to make a difference in a man’s life, ROBOTTO introduced the collection to celebrate the bond between a father and child.

The brand not only caters men’s tees, but also pants, polo and long sleeved shirts for them to dress up or dress down anywhere, at anytime. You can check out the rest of ROBOTTO’s collections here.

As they are still rather new, ROBOTTO is striving to slot in a few boys’ pieces into their upcoming collections whilst also establishing themselves as a men’s brand. With its’ cool, fun and classic concept, we’re sure we will hear more of them in the future.


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