POKOKS The Tropical Collection

POKOKS is inspired by culture and the beautiful nature. Each collection is thoughtfully designed by a mother of three beautiful kids, to make chic and comfortable clothes for busy little ones who are always on the move exploring nature and embracing cultures!

Known for their versatile and super comfy attires, POKOKS is back with yet another fabulous collection- The Tropical Collection! After further research on the current fashion trend, the FV team realised that tropic themed wear for kids is the craze right now. Even Dolce & Gabbana’s childrenswear this year is very ala-tropical with floral applique.

For us who are more towards the affordable line of fashion, POKOKS is the perfect choice for the latest kids trend. As the year-end holiday is around the corner (for kids, not working adults- sorry), POKOKS Tropical Collection is very fitting for the little ones to wear on vacation. The cool design and quality fabric of the clothes suit kids who are always up and running for adventures. Other than the holidays, the collection is also great for their after-school chill time and everyday wear too!


Flutter Dress in Pink
Tropical Blouse in White

Check out the rest of the collection and more stuff from POKOKS here.


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