Discover Indonesia’s Own TODJO on FashionValet

FashionValet is hitting up the style game in all the right ways! Starting off what look like the beginning of an amazing new year, we choose to discover a lot more brands that are classically lavish with sophistication, such as TODJO.

TODJODiscover the elegance casualty from Indonesia’s well-known designer, Sapto Djojokartiko! With his second line finally launched on FV, TODJO (pronounced tōjō) is delivering contemporary designs with dynamic comfort in warm hues in this latest collection. The unique line called TODJO was taken from a partial combination of the designer’s name. Sapto has become one of the most respected fashion designer in Indonesia with his Javanese traditional roots as inspiration to many of his design.

Especially with TODJO, he wanted to express his touch with variation of looks that can be made suitable to look stylish yet practical. Which explains the cool jumpsuit complimented with beautiful lace  details, or the infamous eyelet-detailed fabric made into a versatile wrapped outer and dress. Not to mention the ever stylish slit skirts that’s going to make your features pop! So if you’re ever in the look out for something sophisticated chic with the quality of craftsmanship to match, TODJO is exactly what you need.



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