These Animated Movies Should Be On Your Must-Watch List

Now that it’s the holiday season, you’ll probably be spending an extra amount of family time, whether at home or on vacation. And with that, there’ll usually be all the little ones you need to keep entertained 24/7. Fret not though, when you run out of ideas, why not just park them on your couch or bed with some snacks and put on one of these animated films that we’ve not-so-secretly loved this year!

Yes, animated films have been getting better for the last few years; they’re filled with meaningful lessons and charismatic characters you’ll no doubt enjoy watching. If you’re still not convinced, find some time to watch Inside Out, the critically acclaimed film which gave animated films a whole new benchmark. Trust us, if you haven’t made the time to watch any of our top picks below, you’ll be smiling along once you get yourself settled down on date movie night. 😛

1. Moana

Lesson Learnt:

2. Finding Dory

3. Trolls

Trolls 2016:

4. The Secret Life of Pets

5. Zootopia

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