The Clutches You’ll Need For Special Occasions

It’s officially the start of holiday season! Of course, it means family holidays and celebrations and for many, it’s bound to be the time to attend numerous weddings as well! So to make it easy for you, we’ve listed out the 6 best sparkly and bright items for you to bring along as arm candy. 😉

1. Marrackech Bag In Silver




Best to bring out on a glisty night out, this little sparkly baby is everything you need to keep you feeling glamorous. 💋

2. Ombré Clutch in Green




With the eye-catching colour, you’ll turn heads with this shiny clutch by your side. 😍

3. Cross-stitch Medium Purse in Pink and Green




Subtle but with a special touch, it’s the perfect accesory to whip out for an occassion during the day. 👯

4. Sparkle Clutch in Pink




Who doesn’t love a touch of pink? This one is just that, but comes with glitter too! Need we say more? 💗

5. Megan Clutch in Red




Perhaps for the brave, this red textured clutch amps up your outfit everytime you bring it out to play! 💃

6. Boxy Clutch in Periwinkle Crepe




One that’s perhaps most versatile amongst everything else on this list, it’s the best thing you can carry from day to night. 💅

7. Stephanie Clutch Bag in Grey




Just right in its chicness, this Stephanie clutch will add elegance to your whole look with promises of a great night out! 😘



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