The Corset Effect

Um, it seems like it’s time to get your waist trainers out ladies. Whilst we’ve already touched on the waistline making waves all over the runway earlier this year, it’s clear that the trend has also brought out the belt’s much older sister in that department. What could that be you ask? Well friends, it’s the corset.

First spotted on the streets during fashion week, the corset once prominently worn by ladies in the 18th century has been given a modern makeover and it’s been seen strapped over everything from t-shirts to dresses. Whilst we’re still on the fence on trying out this look, we must admit that the following fashionistas have impressed us with the various ways they sport the corset. Indeed, we think figures like Marie Antoinette (or even the movie interpretation!) will be amazed at how far it’s come!

1. Corset Your Dress

Corset girl #ItalianDays

A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on

2. Tucked In

3. Go All Out

The last day of fashion month usually includes creative layering 🔃

A photo posted by Sandra Hagelstam (@5inchandup) on

4. Bare Some Skin

A photo posted by Rumi Neely (@rumineely) on

5. Layer Game Strong

6. Blazer On

When you look is kindda Ally McBeal in a good way 👔📸 @imvictorjones

A photo posted by Laura Tønder (@couturekulten) on

7. A Modest Moment

Today in ❤️️ القميص والحزام من ❤️️

A photo posted by Dalal AlDoub 🕊 دلال الدوب (@dalalid) on

8. Casual Vibes

Loewe show 🐱 #TheBlondeSaladGoesToParis

A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on


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