Inside Scoop: FV Edits Interviews Makeup Artist Ummi Nasir

Life can take you anywhere, and Ummi Nasir can attest to that. After falling in love with makeup during her years studying abroad in Japan, she decided to pursue makeup as a career, and now works succesfully as a freelance makeup artist. Here, she talks to us about her job, essential items to own and some tips on nailing the perfect eyebrow.


FV Edits: Was makeup something you always wanted to work with?

UN: I only started my makeup journey 3 years ago, but even before that, I’ve always known that I had a deep interest in beauty, photoshoots and things related to it.  Being in Japan for 5 years whilst I was pursuing my Computer Media Software Engineering degree really opened up my eyes to all the latest makeup trends and styles. And really, that’s when I knew I needed to push myself to be a part of that industry.


FV Edits: What are the three makeup essentials you think every girl should have?

UN: One, water-based foundations; it has light with medium coverage perfect for our humid weather, and it feels as if you’re not wearing anything at all! I also use creamy matte lipsticks, its matte but it’s not too dry and gives that rich creamy texture thats glides perfectly on your lips. Finally, I think you should also always have a cream blush, it’s an important item that adds texture & dimension to your face. There’s always that healthy glowing natural effect to your look compared to the powder type!


FV Edits: Who inspires your work?

UN: Lisa Eldridge! I’ve been following her since my early days via her YouTube channel, her work is just so amazing! She can create smokey eyes or a heavy look with just 2 or 3 simple steps and voilà! Another person would have to be Aniam for natural glowing makeup, she’s what I call the guru of perfect subtle contour & highlights.


FV Edits: We heard you also conduct make-up classes! What happens at a session?

UN: Yes I do! I conduct makeup classes on a monthly basis. It’s suitable for beginners, intermediates and basically everyone who loves dolling up! Usually I start with a session on tools introduction; it’s important for you to know your brushes well in order to get that nice subtle finishing. Then, I will conduct one demo makeup on my model while introducing the best products and such. After lunch break, it’ll usually be a practical sessions by the students. I also enjoy sharing my journey with my students, so I’ll take the time to also give some tips and tricks about makeup and how to be a successful makeup artist during short Q&A sessions!

FV Edits: If you were stranded on an island, what’s that one makeup item you would have with you?

UN: SUNSCREEN SPF 50! It’s my all-time must have item, I can never stress enough on how important sunscreen is to mankind! *laughs*


FV Edits: Give us some tips on how to nail the perfect eyebrow.

UN: Full & feathery natural eyebrows is in now, so you should first find the perfect shade that is closest to your hair colour. If you are a beginner, use a slanted pencil eyebrow to give you more control. Brush your eyebrows upwards with an eyebrow brush, then draw light strokes to fill in your eyebrows towards the tail that ends 3/4 of the way from your nose bridge. The front of the brow must be lighter to give that natural eyebrow look. Lastly, make sure it aligns well with the upper bridge of your nose. And there you have it!

FV Edits: Finally, what do you love most about your job?

UN: Creating new looks on different canvases (faces) and sometimes, I’ll get the opportunity to work at amazing locations! *grins* But I think meeting new people all the time is one of the best things, some of my clients have ended up becoming my friends now! I just love my job!

All photos are courtesy of Ummi Nasir, you can follow her on Instagram at @makeupbyumminasir.


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