BFF Goals: Kilafairy and Izara Aishah

Forget about squads, sometimes, all you need is your BFF by your side. Case in point: KenGi, the power supermodel duo who’ve become everyone’s ultimate favourite friendship.

But pause a second here guys, because we think we’ve just found the next best thing. Introducing Kilafairy (her real name is Syakila Nisa) and Izara Aishah, aka the hottest duo in town right now. Both rising actresses on our local film scene (Kilafairy sings too!), they’re constantly spotted side-by-side at events, always looking 💯.

With gorgeous looks and stylish taste, these two BFFs have made us half jealous with their amazing BFF moments on Instagram. Don’t believe us? Allow us a few minutes to get you acquainted…

First of all, they’ve known each other for a while, so their friendship’s really legit. #notaPRstunt


A photo posted by Kilafairy (@kilafairyofficial) on

They’ve taken the obliogatory BFF car selfie and owned it.

Yes, we know they’re not supermodels but how can you tell, really?


A photo posted by Kilafairy (@kilafairyofficial) on

They were so cute at KLFW, how can you not want to join their fun?!


A photo posted by Kilafairy (@kilafairyofficial) on

Sharing secrets front row, we want in. 👯

Beya we gossiping bout you @rizmanruzaini @rizmanruzainicreations

A photo posted by Izara Aishah (@izaraaishahofficial) on

They were each other’s date at #ASK2016 and they slayed the red carpet.

👩🏿👩🏿 #ASK2016

A photo posted by Kilafairy (@kilafairyofficial) on

Honestly, even our popular stars can’t get enough of them.

These crazy girls. Lol 😅 @izaraaishahofficial @kilafairyofficial #Ask2016

A photo posted by Nur Fazura (@missfazura) on

You see, friends who rock the bold lip together, stick together. 💋💋


A photo posted by Kilafairy (@kilafairyofficial) on

Please, please make this friendship last forever and ever. 🙏

Mine ! 🔱

A photo posted by Izara Aishah (@izaraaishahofficial) on


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