It’s Time To Take Your Long Sleeves To The Next Level

You’ve most likely seen (and worn!) the bell sleeve trend that blew up everywhere this year, but have you tried the oversized shirt trend that’s been spotted on the streets? A look that’s fashionably put together by cool fashion bloggers who are obviously a step ahead of us, the classic white shirt has been given a slight makeover with extra long sleeves being the ultimate highlight of the ensemble.

Usually worn casually over a pair of blue jeans, this futuristic piece gives a certain edge to your simple attire, giving you a smarter and polished vibe altogether. So it’s no wonder then that these extra long sleeves have been spotted on street style stars all over; a look so fierce can already be achieved with minimal effort!

Photo via Harper & Harley.
Photo via Style Is My Thing.
Photo by Dana Hourani.
Photo by Song of Style.
Photo via The Spicy Stiletto.


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