Food Delivery Services You Should Consider

Food delivery services are on the rise here in Malaysia, and boy, aren’t we all glad that we’re no longer limited to the standard fast food options! And yes, whilst all know and love our Food Panda, a lot of us are being more health conscious with active lifestyles these days, so having healthy weekly meals sent to you at work or at home seems like the perfect way to balance our diet.

We’re not kidding, these homemade dishes delivered right to your door really are the best deals you can get here in KL when it comes to food, so check out our top picks below!

The Naked Lunch

Packed in super cute containers, it’s hard to resist ordering meals from The Naked Lunch, they’re so compact, cute and colourful!

Dah Makan

If you’re craving for fusion cuisines but with a healthy twist, then Dah Makan will surely fit your bill. They come in the coolest lunchboxes too!

The Rebellious Chickpea

With a ‘Surprise me Wednesday!’ option, there’s always something delightful in store for us for lunch and dinner from these peeps!

Nurul Shima Food Delivery

Ok well, sometimes, we can’t help but want our lauk more than anything else. Fear not! These homemade dishes are available for delivery!

The Healthy Food People, Penang

Making sure you eat your vegetables by camouflaging them as colourful crunchies! #Thursyay

A photo posted by The Healthy Food People (@thehealthyfoodpeople) on

Granted, this is a bonus option as we can only wish to have these beautiful dishes delivered here to us in the Klang Valley! Penangites, we’ve never been so jealous of you guys!


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