You’ll Make A Double Take On These Stylish Sisters

Sister sister! Once in a while, a double act can give us a refreshing take on the fashion scene. Indeed, the allure of a perfect pairing never fades, and whilst we’ve had the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley in the past, we’re no longer stranger today to famous duos like Bella and Gigi, Kendall and Kylie, and even Cara and Poppy.

Yep, nothing beats family, and since we all know so well the numerous celeb sister pairings, we’re here to introduce you to a number of stylish sisters we think are on the rise. Whether twinning or not, these girls are constantly snapped together in outfits to die for, and they know just how to bring their A game when it comes to all things fashion.

Sama and Haya Khadra

You might have spotted these trendy twins who also go by Simi and Haze. As part of the squad who hangs out with the the Jenners and Hadids, these two DJs and fashionistas of Palestinian descent are committed to creating a name for themsleves by sticking together and we won’t have it any other way.

Jenny and Linda Fuglsang

Having entered the fashion blogosphere in 2015, Jenny and Linda both run the blog Seoul Sisters where they both document their fashionable outfits and adventures. The interesting part? Jenny lives in Seoul whilst Linda is based in Stockholm, bringing us the coolest looks when they get together!

Vernie and Verniece Encisco

Hailing from the Philippines, it’s hard to tell apart these two sisters at first, but you’ll soon fall for both Vernie and Verniece for their colourful and sophisticated style. There’s a certain warmth to them that adds to their charm!

Rachel and Nicole Effendy

Always on the move, these Indonesian sisters have been on the fashion scene for a while, yet we’re still amazed by them each day. Fun and quirky, their Tumblr is definitely a true reflection of what we love so much about these two.

Reem and Natalya Kanj

With Reem in London and Natalya in Dubai, nothing stops these Lebanese sisters from serving us polished looks on their blog, Five Five Fabulous. Whilst we love each of their individual style, nothing beats the double dose of fashion we get when they meet up, something which we always look forward to.

All photos via Pinterest.



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