Killer Slit Dresses We Need Right Now

Pictures via Pinterest.

With the holidays approaching fast (seriously, 2016 just went by so quick!), it’s about that time again where we whip out our best outfit options in preparation for vacation mode.

Seeing that we’ve close access here in Southeast Asia to the best tropical hotspots and getaways, it’s only fitting that we pick out the best slit dresses for you to include on your upcoming trips. Whether patterned or plain, these gorgeous numbers will elevate your look on holiday so that you’ll stun in pictures and polaroid’s that you capture. All you’ll have to do next is just find a perfect backdrop for your obligatory OOTD.


1. Lace Maxi Dress in Orange, ANGEL BIBA.

2. Bellamine Maxi Dress in Blue Tie Dye, HOUSE OF BUBBLEGUM.

3. Floral Maxi Dress in Pink, ANGEL BIBA.

4. Long Shirt Dress in Brown, ALIA B.

5. Winslow Bohemian Floral Maxi Dress in Pink and Blue Floral, VGY.

6. Dustin Wrap Dress in Speckled Print, LIVINGSTONE COOPER.

7. Arlea Slit Top in Nude Blush, IZ AND IZ.

8. Done Dress in Burgundy, WHEN OUR EYES MET.

9. Bellamine Maxi Dress in White and Blue, HOUSE OF BUBBLEGUM.

10. Felix Halter Top in Apricot, LIVINGSTONE COOPER.

11. Les Fleurs Cardigan Dress in Rose, EGGIE AZMAN.

12. Bellamine Maxi Dress in Navy Flower, HOUSE OF BUBBLEGUM.



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