Would You Really Wear Your Wedding Dress Again?

There’s always that inevitable question when it comes to wedding dresses: so what will you do with it after you get married? There are endless forms of suggestions on the Internet, you could keep it as keepsakes and later refashion it for friends or family members, donate it if you feel generous or even keep a part of the outfit with you as an accessory.

Samantha Burns wears her wedding dress on anniversary dates with her husband each year.

For those who wish to hold on to it, there’s always the option to wear it again on special occasions. Samantha Burns, who works as Relationship Counselor and Dating Coach, admits that she wears her wedding gown on every anniversary. Indeed, wearing your wedding dress after your wedding day would definitely turn heads, and more often than not, there’s always a meaningful story behind it. For Samantha, she feels that it’s worth her money and it keeps her motivated to keep herself and her relationship healthy.

Liberty Russ recycling her wedding dress at the Oscars earlier this year.

And she’s not the only one. There’s also a number of famous celebs who’ve worn their wedding dress more than once. Keira Knightley famously wore ‘something old’ to get married, and continued to wear her Chanel dress on multiple occasions, just because she feels great in it. Model Liberty Ross also attended the Oscar’s after party in her wedding dress, just weeks after her wedding with Jeremy Iovine earlier this year. On the other side of the scale, we also have Millie Mackintosh, who allegedly wore a ripped up version of her wedding dress for Halloween this year after divorcing husband Professor Green. Talk about practicality!

Kiera Knightley, wearing her wedding dress, with husband James Righton at a charity event in 2013.

Ultimately, it’s your day and your dress, so whatever you choose to do with it after, just make sure you’re fully satisfied with your choice. You know what they say, live with no regrets!

Millie Mackintosh walking down the aisle at her wedding in 2013.

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