Who Knew Espadrilles Could Be So Chic?

Oh the espadrille. This shoe made of canvas has always been labelled under ‘summer essentials’, and then nothing more. A bit of an understatement really, but it’s true that espadrilles have usually associated themselves to all things causal and only spotted during tropical vacations. With that, it’s safe to say that many a pair have been shelved away only to await their return (if they’re lucky!) the following year.

From left to right: Pictures via Color and Chic, Peony Lim and Fashion Lush.

Lately however, the espadrille has been making waves on the fashion scene with an upgraded look. In what way you ask? Well, with the ongoing lace-up trend we’ve seen on flats and heels, it’s also now fashionable to wear your espadrilles with some sophisticated ribbon straps.

From left to right: Pictures via Le Fashion, The Atlantic Pacific and Where Did You Get That.

That’s right, whilst still carrying the casual vibes we’ve all felt in flats, these trendy pairs seem versatile enough to still be worn for a date or to work. With straps around your ankles, there’s no doubt that you’d be making a statement with minimal effort. Sometimes, we all need a break from our regular footwear, so we’re more than glad to embrace the elegant yet carefree look offered by these laced-up pieces. They’re the cooler espadrille cousins who’ve come to town…and they’re here to say.

From left to right: Pictures via Ania B, The Atlantic Pacific and Sincerely Jules.


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