Ruffles Are All Currently All The Rage

Ruffles and frills have been worn constantly all our lives, and if they sound foreign to you, you must be living under a rock! Of late, these pieces have been popping up again out of nowhere, be it red carpet dresses to casual streetwear!

Having said that, ruffles can be a hard look to nail, don’t you think so? We’ve been struggling to make our frills look less tacky, less girly and not too outlandish. What else can we do apart from turn to these celebrities who’ve handled their frills with class and grace? Check them out!

Emma Roberts

Take notes from Emma who blends smart casual effortlessly with a pastel coloured ruffled shirt. Very on-point!

Chanel Iman

This hot model steps up the game not only with the off-shoulder sleeves, but also some flowy frills (and legs to die for!).

Dakota Johnson

Hot ruffle alert: The inner vixen from Fifty Shades of Grey owned the red carpet with a classic evening gown that had an added twist of frills.

Lupita Nyong’o

The Oscar-winning actress grabs our attention with this slinky blush ruffled one-piece.

Kylie Jenner

Who says blazers can’t be any more different? Of all people, Kylie would know how to break the rules and still look polished.

Chrissy Teigen

Stylish as ever, Chrissy balances out the frills with a tube dress and choker piece… Love!

Blake Lively

Cinderella of red carpets? Maybe! Only Blake Lively could get away with such a look.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Possibly England’s second most treasured rose, the model/actress shows us just how far to take ruffles without going overboard.

Alicia Vikander

Up for a mix-up of ruffles and prints? Let your dress do the talking and keep your cool like Alicia.

Kerry Washington

Too loud? We don’t think so, this dress is perfect as it is!

Emily Ratajkowski

Craving for a laid-back bohemian bombshell look? Simply grab a sexy off-shoulder ruffled top and pair ’em with shorts. Sometimes, it’s all about the basics!

Emma Stone

Black is always classy, no? Check out Emma Stone in ruffled perfection!

All pictures taken via Pinterest.


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