One of These Everyday and You Will Go N-U-T-S!

We’re personally not a fan, but after a little diggin’ and research, these crunchy munchies do have apparent health benefits. Yeah sure, it won’t be the same as eating a packet of Lay’s chips, but you can be sure your body will be reaping huge improvements!

For the sake of convenience, we’ve come up with something like a lil’ daily planner for you. By delegating a nut to each day of the week, it’ll be easy to sit back, pop a couple of them into your mouth in front of the TV and feel the difference. Let us know what you think — we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Mondays – Brazil nuts 

Castanhas-do Pará, estas belezuras são fontes naturais de selênio, um importante antioxidante com vários papéis no seu organismo. A porçāo diária de castanhas não deve ultrapassar 4 unidades devido a sua alta concentração deste micronutriente que em excesso pode causar toxicidade. Entre seus benefícios estão: 👉🏼ajuda a manter a tireóide saudável 👉🏼 aumenta os níveis de testosterona (libido) 👉🏼 ajuda no equilíbrio do sono e humor 👉🏼 reforça a imunidade 👉🏼 previne o envelhecimento precoce 👉🏼 promove a fertilidade feminina 👉🏼 tem propriedades anticancerígenas 👉🏼 ajuda na memória e raciocínio 👉🏼 boas para o coração E você, já inseriu castanhas na sua alimentação? Motivos para isso não faltam! Para fazer o leite de castanhas que postei há poucos dias basta colocar de molho com água na noite, tapar com uma toalha, descartar a água no dia seguinte e bater no liquidificador com um pouco de água até obter um creme branco homogêneo, depois disso acrescentar água até obter a consistência desejada. #alimentaçãoconsciente #alimentaçãonatural #saúde #nutriçãointegrativa #castanhasdopara #brazilnuts #comidadeverdade #memoria #tireoide #coaching #emagrecer #semdieta #equilibrio

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Brazil nuts may be tiny, but they’re mighty alright — they pack in a punch of selenium which is great for metabolism, immunity as well as your body’s reproductive health. Apart from that, selenium also helps the absorbs Vitamin E that will ward off cataracts in the years to come. Nonetheless, don’t overeat them as high levels of selenium can be harmful, so keep it at a balance with one serving per day (5-6 nuts).

Tuesdays – Cashews 

When cashew nuts are life ❤️ #cashewnuts #ilovenuts 😂

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We’ve been eating them our entire lives, so why stop now? Creamy and equally tasty, these nuts are full of zinc and iron that make for great energy boosters in the afternoon. Better yet, cashews go well with anything — churn them into yummy, creamy cashew butter, add them to overnight oat bowls or use them as toppings for your favourite ice cream!

Wednesdays – Pistachios 

Since they’re found in everyone’s favourite desserts, eating them wholly as snacks can’t hurt. Would you believe if we told you that these green nuts had lower calories than other nuts but ironically a tonne of protein and fibre? What a great thing to be addicted to!

Thursdays – Almonds 

You name it, almonds are everywhere: crystallised caramels, chocolate, pastries, milk… The list just never ends! As a matter of fact, us girls should start eating these as they’re high in manganese and Vitamin E, the great defenders against oxidative damage; in other words, skin protection!

Fridays – Flaxseeds

These tiny seeds are an age-old treasure – 13 centuries old, to be precise – that most of us tend to forget about. For a seed its size, it’s overwhelmingly powerful in preventing heart diseases, breast cancer and diabetes. Recipes are in abundance, too, and many subscribe to the fail-proof granola bars and rye flaxseed loaf recipes.

Saturdays – Pecans

Pecans never fail to remind us of fireplaces, the fall or that heartwarming feeling in the snow, and so it should. Containing more unsaturated fat, these lovely nuts – that sit well with our tummies if lightly toasted – make a good alternative snack for fighting high cholesterol.

Sundays – Walnuts 

In short, protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are what you’d get from this drupe (yes, it’s neither nut nor seed). Alongside its long list of benefits, walnuts have also been said to have cancer-fighting properties that’ll reduce the likelihood of prostate and breast cancer. We love them especially with honey and salad, what about you? 🙂


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