Some Batik Lovin’

A Focus Dot on BatikIn all the greatness of traditional fashion, surely any Southeast Asian has heard of the Javanese word, “batik”.


It’s a technique of free-hand printing by drawing hot wax onto fabrics, which are later dyed in colour over and over to create multi-coloured designs.


Nonetheless, the original batik designs and different drawing techniques used for the royal families in Java had special meanings. Back in the day, one would be able to tell which royal family member was married or single via the designs on their batik cloth!batik-top

Seeing that batik has been used for clothing purposes for centuries – specifically for the Javanese royal families – it’s no wonder that it has resurfaced in the modern fashion world where it’s been infused with contemporary touches, giving birth to a whole new variety of designs (as noticed in the latest JFW2017).


While owing much to the past, today’s contemporary batik uses different techniques, too, including stencils, digital drawing, press printing, discharge dyeing and many more.


And with much inspiration from this precious tradition, batik scarves, dresses, overalls and blazers are now heating up the fashion with its awesome designs that are perfect for any occasion!

Photos via Instagram and Pinterest

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