Whoa, Hot Desert Mamas!

Who says mommy-to-be’s can’t be stylish? Showing the big pregnant tummy on social media is not strange nowadays, especially with the spread of hashtags like #styleyourbump and #pregnancystyle, so it’s safe to say that we’re never out of style inspo!

Speaking of baby bumps, we’re shining the spotlight on six fashionable Middle Eastern women who’ve an excellent flair for style whilst carrying a tiny human in them! And by the looks of it, all future mamas should definitely step their game up!

Dina Tokio

You might recognise this half-British-half-Egyptian fashion blogger who’s been influencing the modest fashion scene for the longest time; she’s even collaborated with the likes of Liberty. Her maternity style, therefore, was always expected to score an A+.

Ascia AKF

A Kuwaiti/American, Ascia is well-known for putting together vibrant outfits to match her turban-style hijab, and we love everything about her — including the way she’s flaunting her second pregnancy.

Palm trees & I'm kinda sorta pear shaped #36Weeks #ItsAlmostMyBedtime #ItsOnly9PM

A photo posted by Ascia AKF (@ascia_akf) on

Dana Hourani

Always on the go, this cool girl from Lebanon never stops herself from travelling away from home in Dubai, even though she’s pregnant! That said, the jet lag never gets to her, nor stops her from looking chic. By the way, you should check out her baby daughter Zoe; super cute!

Tick tock 🕙 …. #LastFewWeeksOfMeTime 😶

A photo posted by D Tales (@dana.hourani) on

Rita Lamah

This Lebanese beauty not only works as a personal stylist; she was also the runner-up for Miss Lebanon in 2003! Having just given birth recently to her third baby, Joya, we’re missing her lovely preggers styles over the last nine months… Very casual and cool.

Dalia Nsouli

Although she’s one of Qatar’s leading fashionistas, Dalia Nsouli juggles her life as a banker by day and social influencer by night. Despite her leading a slightly secret life, her pregnancy style did not disappoint — we were all the more inspired by her effortless looks. Seriously, we don’t know how she does it!

Still throwing it back cuz there's no one to take pictures of me in #Texas 😡 #pfff

A photo posted by Dalia Nsouli (@daliansouli) on

Myriam Fares

Definitely one who embraces her curves, this Lebanese singer – who caught her fame for chart-topping hits in the Middle East – slayed maternity in style whilst pregnant with her son, Jayden.

#thequeenofstage #myriamfares #exclusive #photo #shoot #laha #magazine

A photo posted by Myriam Fares (@myriamfares) on



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