Livin’ the Juice Life

Detoxing’s not going anywhere; believe us, we have gone through many phases of it! Packed lunches, nuts, protein diet and what not.

That said, all of it sounds like a lot of hard work. If you think of it carefully, there’s food preparation to be done, packing the night before and possibly waking up earlier for a fresh serving.

We have to admit, not everyone has time to do that, so the best thing to look to might be juices. Lucky for us, KL is popping up with more juice bars and deliveries by the day! Why not pop by and drink up some of their lovely thirst quenchers 🍹🍹🍹

La Juiceria

Boost Juice

Smooshie Juice

Juiceee Malaysia 

Start your weekend healthy with our organic wheatgrass shot! #juiceee #juiceeemalaysia #wheatgrass #healthy #health

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Upbeat Health Bar

Juice D’ Fruitz

LifeJuice Co.



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