Lessons We’ve Learnt From #SHMP


Suri Hati Mr.Pilot, the drama that took the country (and some others too!) by storm ended last week, so we’re having some slight withdrawal symptoms now. Alongside the fashionable wardrobe Neelofa wore throughout the series and the chemistry between her and Fattah Amin, we were left heavily entertained with crazy but memorable scenes that reminded us of a few lessons in life 💁🏻:

Running Away Doesn’t Help Anything

If there’s one thing Warda was good at, it was running away. Seeing that she managed to jump out of her own bedroom window in a wedding dress, or faked her own miscarriage, it was obvious how good she was at doing just that. Nonetheless, it’s clear that she only added onto the unresolved issues in her family with her escapades, so it’s best to just face things upfront. #thestruggleisreal

Always on the go

Always Communicate

We could’ve spent half of the series watching the two leads get cute with each other, but instead we were left yelling at our screens wondering why they wouldn’t communicate and just tell the truth. Whyyy? Seriously, it wasn’t fun to watch. 😩

Can we fast forward please?

Stand Up For Yourself…

Or in Warda’s case, to Ejaz’s grandmother. We all know that one family member or in-law who gives us the side-eye each time we come around. 👀 💆🏻 So suck it up like Warda and do your own thing; you’ll win them over eventually… Fingers crossed!

Watch out for grandma…

Don’t Take Things Too Personally

Warda took Ejaz’s words too much to heart that she left the country after he had woken up from his coma, which we thought was very Bollywood of her, by the way. She should’ve stayed to realise he was only angry and hurt – the guy’s legs were paralysed, after all! Oh, and she should’ve known there was something off when he was able to shout so loud minutes after waking up on a hospital bed. #letsberealhere

Ouch…broken legs and a broken heart.

Motherly Instincts Are (Sometimes) Right

Sometimes, just sometimes, we really do have to trust our mothers and their instincts. Whilst Ejaz’s mother’s enthusiasm of match-making him with Warda was a tad overboard at times (um, was approving those numerous photoshoots with Daniel wise, oh mama?), we really just lived for the crazy excitement on her face every time Ejaz spoke about Warda. Her determination was very Oscar-worthy, if you asked us. 👏🏻

We love you, mom!

*All photos via @surihati.mrpilot


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