Go ‘Goo-goo-ga-ga’ Over These Little Darlings

Whether it’s the maternal instinct kicking in or not, we couldn’t care less because these little ones are just super-duper, ultimately, C-U-T-E!

You feel me? Their funny antics, pinch-able cheeks, doe eyes and sweet smiles that would melt anyone’s heart… They’re just so hard to say ‘No’ to!

Before our hormones give way, we’ve lots of Malaysian celebrity toddlers for you to oogle over.

*Warning: Ten babies ahead!* 

Jaclyn Victor & Shawn Rivera
❤️ Jonah Joshiah Rivera ❤️

Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya
❤️ Lara Alana ❤️

You are NOT part of our family!

A photo posted by Penglipur Lara (@laraalanaa) on

Lisa Surihani & Yusry Abdul Halim
❤️ Yahaira Leanne ❤️

This lil tiny toony lil patootie turned 2 today! Happy Birthday Dinda Bear sayang. Tisha, Achik and Annie loves you so much.

A photo posted by Mummy to Yahaira Leanne (@iamlisasurihani) on

Diana Danielle & Farid Kamil
❤️ Nur Aurora ❤️

Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin Nasimuddin
❤️ Liam Naza Nasarudin ❤️

Happy 1st Birthday to my boy, Liam. One year has gone by so quick, we love you so very much ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Nasarudin Nasimuddin (@smnasarudin) on

Harith Iskander & Jezamine Lim
❤️ Zydane Xayne Iskander ❤️

Feeling grumpy cause I'm gonna be ONE soon! #theiskanders #zydanexayneiskander

A photo posted by HarithIskanderKids (@iskanderkids) on

Faizal Tahir & Siti Raihanim Noran
❤️ Khalid al-Walid bin Ahmad Faizal ❤️

Halo.. Mummy, balik cepat. Daddy da start main FIFA 17.

A photo posted by Faizal Tahir (@faizal_tahir) on

Misha Omar & Firros Ezzwan Rosly
❤️ Muhammad Idris Ezzwa ❤️

Benjamin Yong & Elizabeth Lee-Yong 
❤️ Blake Azalee ❤️

Daphne Iking & Azmi Abdul Rahman
❤️ Isidore Daniel Iking Azmi ❤️


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