Draping Is A Thing Y’all

Who knew that putting on blush could be an art? Just like how we all were game for contouring, the world of make-up has seemingly moved on with its new counterpart: draping.

Sparked off by Marc Jacobs’ Air Brush Soft Glow Duo just last month, the term “draping” basically means contouring with blush, with the aim of adding a youthful touch to the face with some colour and softness. According to Bustle, draping may not be an entirely new technique, yet it creates more of a glow, as opposed to dark highlights when you contour.

We weren’t completely convinced at first, but after watching numerous tutorials on social media, we’re beginning to get onboard. With the many comebacks of various fashion trends from the past, the flushed look seen everywhere in the 70s has also joined the pack, and we hope it’s here to stay!


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