Best Instagrammable Desserts Worldwide

We’re pretty sure many of you have lit up in excitement when you read the word “desserts”. For some – or most – of us, no matter how full we are, we would always need that sweet hit in our taste buds after every meal. So thank goodness for Instagram because from what we are seeing on our feed, a sweet craving can be satisfied, at least visually, for the moment. While you’re still here, let’s transport ourselves to a world of desserts in places like Japan and New York!

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – Serendipity 3, New York

Happy National Dessert Day!!

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If you are a hopeless romantic and a romance movie enthusiast, you would know about Serendipity. The film that was set in New York City also put this place and its desserts on the map; in fact, their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate became famous ever since that movie came out.

Matcha Ice Cream – Osaka, Japan

matcha-icecream-instagrammable desserts

What could be better than a delicious, creamy, green tea-flavoured ice cream from the place it originated from? Although matcha ice cream (preferably ones in cones) can be found almost anywhere in Japan, it never fails to look so delicious and Instagram-worthy!

Candyland Themed Cakes – Golden Sugar Patissier, Indonesia

Meanwhile in Indonesia, fun and colourful theme cakes are all over Instagram! Our favourite is the cutest Candyland cake from Golden Sugar Patissier, and we’re super envious of whoever received it! Thanks to their creativity and persistence, this online patissier’s character and fun theme cakes have become the talk of the town.

Crazy Milkshake – Melbourne, Australia

crazy-milkshake-instagrammable desserts

You can count on Australia for making the café culture the norm and famous all over the world. Besides their coffee culture, just last year, crazy milkshake combos started heating up at every cafe in Melbourne, Australia, and following that, the world! Overflowing with ice cream, biscuits, chocolates and sprinkles, this jar of milkshake goodness is forever Instagrammable!

*Psst! Our personal favourite is Koffee Bar 🙂

Flavourful Cupcakes – Fluff Bakery, Singapore

Though it has been a few years since the cupcake trend emerged, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With the new innovative flavours that keep on comin’, it’s hard to stay away from ’em cupcakes, like the ones from Fluff Bakery in Singapore. We’re serious — can you imagine mango sticky rice on a cupcake, or durian pengat, for that matter? Ondeh-ondeh, maybe?

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