Materialipstick on FashionValet: Win It, Own It

1960s Nano Bag in Classic Brown

Feeling a little blue this Monday? Cheer up, we’ve got some beautiful lil’ somethings for your viewing pleasure 😉

Freshly debuted on FashionValet this week, these 1960s inspired handbags from Materialipstick are the latest items to make it on our wish list. Perfectly neat in appearance and compact on the inside, we love how the 1960s Nano Bags comes in a size that’s great for carrying around on days out or a dinner date with friends.

1960s Nano Bag In Carbon Black

And that’s exactly what four chic city ladies had in mind when they started Materialipstick: to create timeless handbags to complete an outfit. Yes, these leather and canvas mini totes definitely amp up the preppy chic look whilst being fashionable on other occasions if needed.

1960s Nano Bag In Olive Green

Oh, and just to show how excited we are for these brand new babies, we’re having a giveaway. Yup, you read that right! Our first ever giveaway at #FVEDITS and you’ll stand a chance to win the 1960s Nano Bag in Carbon Black; all you have do is answer the question here in the comments. One winner will be picked at random, but be quick, this giveaway only lasts for three days, which means you have until midnight on Wednesday (Nov 9 2016) to enter!

1960s Nano Bag in Purity White
Oh My Croc Bag In Black


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