Wedding Proposals We Wouldn’t Have Thought Of

Getting down on one knee takes guts and a lot of preparation, and these guys certainly proved to their woman that they’re set on being together for life!

Knowing how important it was for the ladies to know how in love they were, we can’t even begin to imagine how much work and coordination it took for the groom to make this significant event a reality — using the word “impressive” would be an understatement.

Proposing during a photoshoot… On a helipad! 

Our hats go off to television producer, Kornelius Bascombe, who went as far as faking a photoshoot in order to pop the question to his girlfriend of four years, Rachel Jordan. The couple proceeded to a helipad on a rooftop that had a breathtaking view of downtown Los Angeles as well as a shining black helicopter! Just as the photographer got Jordan in a pose, the chirpy Bascombe got down on one knee before the shutter was fired.

Asking for blessings from your girlfriend’s siblings before proposing 

If you’re thinking a proposal couldn’t get any more sentimental, sweethearts Tyler Shelton and Haylee just proved you wrong! Haylee’s father had passed away and Tyler – who’d always been like a son to him for the past 7 years – never got to ask for his blessing to marry his daughter. But the sweet photographer/blogger tugged at our heart strings as he asked Haylee’s three other siblings for her hand in marriage instead. Get your tissues ready!

Bringing Disney into the picture

A fairytale romance is what we would call this proposal. Mat had arranged for an afternoon video shoot with his love, Kylie as part of the plan, which included a picnic, going through memories and a romantic movie screening in the secluded area. Lanterns, a projector and chairs were ready for the big moment, and what we think nailed it was Mat’s Disney video montage! Combining snippets from Disney classics like AladdinThe Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, we’re sure that any one of us girls would be moved to tears by Mat’s proposal.

Hunting for the groom

Thinking that it was just an ordinary birthday lunch with her two friends, Mary Beth was in for a huge surprise at the end of the day. Jay’s elaborate plan of a scavenger hunt all around Austin, Texas, was set into motion when the girls gave Mary Beth the first clue, which in the process included a makeover, a new dress, a limo ride and visits to places that only her and Jay would know about. Even after the proposal, Mary Beth was given another surprise at the W Hotel, where 50 friends and family were waiting for her at a party!

Proposing in front of Simon Cowell 

Now, most of us think the man is a monster — but wait till you see Simon Cowell’s soft spot for romance in this proposal! Lovebirds David and Lauren had entered The X Factor competition separately, but what Lauren wasn’t aware of was her boyfriend’s surprise proposal on stage during her audition. The judges were on standby and thrilled to be part of the plan, and even encouraged Lauren together with the show’s audience to accept David, who got down on one knee without hesitation.


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