Mel & Molly: Which One Are You?

There are times when you look in your wardrobe and wonder, Do I have any clothes to wear at all? We get it, it’s frustrating not knowing which look to go for — part of us wants to fun and daring, whilst the other prefers clean simplicity.

As always, FashionValet has the answer: Mel & Molly.

small-fv-0308Like your alter egos, the two girls are the best of friends. And despite their extreme differences, Mel and Molly wouldn’t co-exist without each other. Mel likes to play it safe, but Molly has her own way of doing things — the same goes for their wardrobe.

small-fv-0341Mel is easily contented with seeing the minimalist in herself because she knows it’s what she does best. In light of the many fashion pieces that are out there, she meticulously selects pieces that fit her personality, but occasionally pushes the boundaries with a pair of silver flats.

small-fv-0365On the other hand, Molly yearns for adventure and attention. She’s not ashamed of her loud personality and is always on a mission to share her happiness. Molly is the girl that would never tire of colours and statement pieces, just because life is too short to restrict one’s wardrobe.

So now, the question begs: Are you a Mel or are you a Molly?

You do you.

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