Update Your Wardrobe With These JFW2017 Trends

Believe it or not, we are still in much awe of the week-long experience we had at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. In fact, the hype and the glamour is far from being forgotten, especially after seeing the clothes and accessories on the runway! Here are some of the trends that stood out from the many collections, so start gearing up for the next wardrobe change!


All hail these horizontal lines of goodness! An entirely new fashion statement on its own, all sorts of pleats flooded this year’s runway — they were both small and large, on skirts and vests, even sheer or metallic!

Embroidered details

It’s not exactly clear if these designers were trying to bring the ‘90s style back into our lives, but with the way we saw their work come to life, it fitted into the right time frame. Embroideries of all sorts were everywhere on this year’s runway, but we couldn’t take our eyes off Patrick Owen‘s amazing work on sheer fabrics – it looked dazzling, by the way! Mel Ahyar First also set a new interpretation for their collection with floral embroidery that ‘blotched’ neutral palette dresses and capes… Works of art, indeed!


Prints seemed to take off extremely well this year in many collections at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Our eyes were not only greeted by delightful earth-toned prints from Kami Idea on the FashionValet runway,  but also Jii by Gloria Agatha’s signature “Quack Quack” collection as well as Sejauh Mata Memandang‘s contemporary batik prints.


We are not sure where the idea came from – the Mayans, maybe – but the ever-simple tassels made the runway a lot more playful! Maima Indonesia brought fun to the runway with their collection of dresses and we could tell that almost everyone fell in love with Happa‘s Ono Niha collection and its cool headpieces!

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