#ASKxFV Interview: What Would Ain Edruce Wear?

If you haven’t heard, Anugerah Skrin 2016 (ASK) is back in town and we are cannot, cannot wait to see what’s in store.


Somewhat the equivalent to the Golden Globes in Tinseltown, ASK has been a glamourous yearly affair for the Malaysian television and film industry. On top of that, putting the words “awards” and “actors” together only makes the event all the more exciting as TV personalities and actors make grand appearances on the red carpet.


Last week, we got hold of this year’s ASK presenter, the one and only, bubbly Ain Edruce for a short tête-à-tête at FashionValet Bangsar Village II store. And from the look on her face, we could tell that ASK 2016 was the perfect stage for any fashionista!


Styling by Farahannan Nabila Ismail
What ASK is all about
“I would say ASK is a celebratory occasion to reward those who have given their best and dedication to making Malaysian telemovies and TV programmes. Some of you may ask though, ‘What does fashion have to do with it?’ Well, when it comes to ASK, nobody wants to look ordinary, right? It is, after all, an awards night! I’m sure the build-up for this event has gotten everyone prepping just to look good since 1995! As they say, ‘Dress to impress!’ :)”


 Top 5 essentials to have at ASK 2016
“My clutch, a pair of killer heels, a statement ring, a simple make-up kit and perfume to last me through the night.”


Favourite piece from FashionValet that’s perfect for ASK 2016
“You can never go wrong with black, so I love pairing the Batu Belang Dress from Afiq M with the Become Dress from WHEN OUR EYES MET. It’s simple, edgy… I like it so much!”


Beauty routine to have before an event
“One, get enough sleep to avoid any breakouts. Two, have a facial; but do it a week or two before the event. Three, drink green tea! It’s good for detox and the skin. Lastly, exercise a bit… Maybe? LOL!”


Tips for comfortable heels 
“Please try — by ‘trying’, I mean try and walk with the heels to see if its really comfortable. Don’t just pick a pair of heels because it looks pretty; and make sure you choose a pair of good quality shoes i.e. comfortable, flexible material.”


What you’re wearing at ASK 2016 🙂 
“Hint: I’m gonna look super handsome. Hmmm…”


Fashion trends to spot at ASK 2016
“Lots of chokers!”
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