#FVBridal Interview: Rizman Ruzaini



Perhaps the most colourful collection presented at the FashionValet Bridal preview two weeks ago, designs from Rizman Ruzaini’s collection carried a certain flair with it. Without a doubt, we knew the tiffany blue shade would be a hit with brides-to-be right away!

FV: What are the best colours for bridal gowns for 2017?

For Rizman Ruzaini, white will always be a classic and in trend, but for next year, we are loving the soft pastel colour trends – something along the lines of lilac, soft pink, yellow and tiffany blue.

FV: Pick a favourite: embellishments or lace?

We love having a bit of both in our design! Lace is timeless and embellishments give life to a dress. It’s one of the most important days in a bride’s life, so it should be glamorous and eloquent.

FV: What inspired this collection?

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was very much in the picture because it was immaculately made and gave an air of romance. We also skewed our designs towards the local sentiment, considering that our customers have different tastes and that we wanted to cater to hijab wearers, too.

FV: What is your number one advice to all brides who are hunting for the dress?

Brides should know what cut fits them best; in other words, show off their best assets. Also, if you’re wearing colour, choose something that matches your skin tone. Try to pick something that is timeless and not too trend-based, so that it’ll still look beautiful 20 years later!


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