5 Rules for Wedding Ring-Shopping

This part of shopping is something that no man can afford to miss out on — a wedding needs more than two people echoing, “I do”.

Although wedding bands are often overshadowed by the surprise, over-the-top engagement ring, they carry more importance. After all, it is something that requires a seal of approval from both man and wife.

So before you head out to the first jeweller you see in the mall, a look through these 5 simple guidelines would be a good idea.

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1. Have an idea of what you want 

There are possibly a million rings out there, and it is very impossible to decide on just one pair! If you did that, it would take you years of marriage before you decide on ‘the’ ring. Basically, have a list of requirements that you know you’d want on your wedding bands. Would you want diamonds or not? Gold or white gold? A braided band, perhaps? The list goes on, so discuss it together.

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2. Give it more time 

It’s just two wedding bands, right? Well, we hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to be that easy. With the wedding preparations piling up on both your plates, you’d hardly have time to hop from one jeweller to another. Plus, it’s a joint decision that requires both of you to be present! We’d say start your homework four months before the wedding and search online for a close reference to what you two are looking for in the wedding band. If customisation is part of the plan, give it even more time!

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3. Know your wallet 

No one can emphasise this more; you’re already forking out a portion of – if not all – your savings into this important life event, so think carefully and be practical about how much you can spend on this. On top of that, these rings signify your commitment to one another. Have a sit-down at the lounge with coffee, and work out how to balance it all out… You can do this!

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4. It’s part of you

We mean every word of that — the ring is going to be on your finger through thick and thin (for God knows how long!). It would experience some ‘wear and tear’, but minimise those chances by thinking about your lifestyles and daily routines. If the two of you are living it rough or on the edge, then a Tiffany & Co. princess-cut wedding ring isn’t going to survive!

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5. Get the perfect fit 

Come to think of it, it’s strange how a wedding band hardly comes off once you put it on. Whether you’re pregnant, exercising or fluctuating in weight, your wedding band shouldn’t feel the slightest discomfort. The tip that we can give you here is to have a size that would get you through all those phases without you realising, so only have a final fitting when you’re calm and in normal body temperature. Also, don’t do it in the morning or after exercise, because your body retains salt from the previous night and your fingers swell.

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