#FVBridal Interview: Fizi Woo



Featuring a strong emphasis on structure and balance, the bridal collection from Fizi Woo for FashionValet Bridal was all about making a statement. During the collection preview last week, guests were left in wonder after seeing the models strut in strong yet flowy pieces. Read what the designer had to say in our short tête-à-tête.

What’s your current fashion obsession?

Fiziwoo has been known for its ruffles and extravagant volumes whilst maintaining femininity and modern vibes. We are always in search for the next ‘in’ thing and currently off-shoulders are what we pair with our signature silhouette. We are also in love with our new poncho pieces that any fashionable Hijab women would be glad to be in.

What do brides always forget whilst planning their wedding?

A common thing to forget is researching for a suitable silhouette for their body shape. Some may feel they need to fit into a certain silhouette just to look as pretty as the model in the brochure, but what matters most is that they need to feel confident and comfortable on their wedding day. Brides should plan ahead, understand their body and search for a suitable designer that can deliver their desired dress design.

What was the most stressful thing about designing this collection?

Creating a capsule collection is not easy as we are used to creating a large collection. The biggest hindrance was picking out the best four designs — I mean, it is as hard as people asking you to describe yourself in three words! But with every final piece we picked for the collection, they reflected who we are and represented our brand really well to the consumers.

Name three qualities that brides should look for in a designer.

Creating a bridal piece is an intimate journey between a bride and their designer. Entrusting a person to be part of the momentous time of their life is a big responsibility, so a bride should seek a designer whom they feel comfortable and get along with. On top of that, brides should understand each designer’s strength and signature looks. Lastly, read reviews, observe their tailoring and workmanship to assure yourself that this designer will and can deliver your dream wedding dress.


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