Nailing It At the Wedding

You’ve already posted the obligatory ring selfie on Instagram, and this is where the real work begins! Your nails are bound to be the second most photographed subject on the day and – like your skin – it’s gonna need some tender, loving care (TLC) as the countdown starts.

And nope, we’re not talking about just booking the manicurist for an appointment — here are five other things your hands and nails are going to need.

1. Once is never enough 

To be on the safe side, have 1-2 manicure sessions with the girls. This gives the polish more time to settle into the cuticle as well as time for minor touch-ups, so that it’ll look photogenic on the day itself. Besides, no harm spending more girly time with the bridesmaids, right?

2. Protect the crack 

As the bride, you’re gonna be rushing around on the actual day, so it won’t be surprising if some nails get chipped. If you get angsty about little imperfections like this, then include a good conditioning treatment to your regime or apply a nail hardener before the wedding.

3. Moisturise like there’s no tomorrow

Your man’s gonna wanna hold your hand all day, so make it unforgettably soft and smooth for the guy! After all, he’s vowed ‘to have and to hold’ you, literally. Have hand creams on-the-go and make it a habit to moisturise a few times a day. By the way, shea butter and argan oil are your best bet!

4. Spares everywhere

Great, you’ve found your shade — so buy a few bottles of it. No, it’s not all for you. You’d need one for the salon manicurist, the bridesmaids and one in the wedding day emergency kit. And you thought it was going to be easy…


5. Be a princess if you have to 

We won’t ask you to ditch household chores, but prevent more damage to your cuticles by wearing disposable gloves, especially when you’re doing the dishes. Detergents and other manufactured soap are bound to dry the skin, so don’t be shy to add on extra protective layers.

All photos via Pinterest.
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