#FVBridal Interview: PU3



Featuring intricate lace and pastel colours, we were definitely drawn to PU3’s designs at the #FVBridal preview last week. Read on to see what the designer had to say about her collection below.

FV: Why peach and white for this collection?

PU3: Our colour palette for this collection is a mix of white, off white, latte, dusty pink etc, most of which are soft shades. They have always been part of PU3’s loveable signature colours that reflect how a future bride would want to feel on their special day.

FV: What do brides often forget to look for in a wedding dress?

PU3: Probably if the dress could be worn again on other occasions. Therefore, we try to design something that’s simple yet intricate — it’s done subtly so that they can wear it again in the near future.

FV: Pick a favourite: frills or lace?

PU3: I love both to be honest! But I have always loved frills. In fact, there are lots of them in this collection, and the sweet waves of the fabric tell each bride’s story… It’s like the journey to their big day.

FV: What do you love most about weddings?

PU3: It’s one of the most special days for the couple, and just to play a part in making the bride look stunning is a dream come true, especially when you see how happy they are! 😍


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